Technical terms involved in Divorce

Well, it may pretty well sound quite crazy that technical terms are involved in even cases of divorce. However, in reality, the legal course of actions involved in the divorce process may be quite intimidating, and you may be totally clueless about what needs to done, and above all, the technical terms involved may sound like Greek and Latin.

So let’s take a look at these terms one by one, and understand what each of them means:

  1. Petition for Divorce:

It is the basic document furnished by the person seeking a divorce, and is also referred to as “Petition for Dissolution of Marriage” as well.

  1. Temporary Order:

Also known as the Interim Order, the temporary order is issued by the court, which holds true, until the upcoming hearing. For ex – a temporary child custody order, is issued until final settlement of child custody is done.

  1. Community Property:

In community property states, it is quite common to have a common property, which belongs equally to both husband and wife, and this property must be equally awarded to both, in case of divorce. While, the property solely owned by either property prior marriage may also happen to be a community property after marriage.

  1. Equitable Distribution.

Depending upon the income level of husband and wife, many states believe in proportionate distribution of assets and debts, rather than equal distribution. Therefore, a 50-50 settlement is not possible always.

  1. Spousal Support.

In special cases court may order an Alimony or Separate Maintenance Payments, which must be furnished by the spouse to support his/her ex after divorce, and such support funds are termed as spousal support payments.

  1. Child Support.

After the divorce, the child may be under joint custody of both parents, or anyone of them may take charge of the custody of the child. Child support basically refers to the liability of the parents to take charge of the education of the child and the necessary things to bring-up their ward(s) in an appropriate manner after divorce.

  1. Custody.

Custody refers to possession of one party, being kept under supervision of the other. For instance, the wife’s car may be under custody of the husband even after the divorce, but he may not sell it or use it anymore.

  1. Visitation.

Visitation schedule are prepared to decide the timings when parents can meet their ward(s) after the divorce, because on several occasions, there are disputes on the spouse meeting the ward(s) at weird time of night.

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